Ювілей 140-ліття Наукового товариства ім. Шевченка

The 140th Anniversary of the Shevchenko Scientific Society

проф. др габ. Leonid Rudnytskyi
Світова Рада Наукового Товариства ім. Шевченка (Україна)

Том 1/2014

Вид публікації: оглядова стаття

Сторінки: 119-125

Мова публікації: українська


Leonid Rudnytskyy summarizes the role and importance of the Shevchenko Scientific Society, which was established in 1873 and was the first, albeit unofficial, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. The Shevchenko Scientific Society was founded by scientific and cultural activists of Eastern Ukraine who after the Valuev Circular 1863 launched their work in Lvov. The article presents the outlook of the Shevchenko Scientific Society with the author expressing some reservations about its development.