Духовне значення Острозької академії

The Spiritual significance of Ostroh Academy

проф. др габ. Viktor Atamanenko
Національний університет «Острозька академія» (Україна)

Том 1/2014

Вид публікації: наукова стаття

Сторінки: 159-175

Мова публікації: українська


The focus of this article is to examine the legacy of the Ostroh Academy, the fi rst institution of higher learning in Eastern Europe which was established through the effort and support of Prince Vasyl Konstantyn Ostrozkyh, a leading social and cultural activist. The town of Ostroh, located in the region of Volhynia, became the center of the Ukrainian culture and education in the sixteenth century. It was Prince Vasyl Konstantyn Ostrozky who succeeded in bringing to Ostroh leading church and cultural fi gures representing various nationalities and religions. The fi nancial contribution made by the prince was a signifi cant contribution to its establishment and development.