Шекспірівський «метатекст» Тодося Осьмачки: художні стратегії візіонеризму, апокаліпсису й палінґенезії

Shakespeare’s Meta-Text of Todos’ Os’macha: Strategies of Visionism, Apocalypse and Palingenesis

dr Dmytro Drozdovskyi
Narodowa Akademia Nauk Ukrainy (Ukraina)

Tom 2/2015

Typ publikacji: oryginalny artykuł naukowy

Strony: 127-136

Język artykułu: ukraiński


In 2015, Todos’ Os’machka celebrated his 120th anniversary. In the paper, the author outlines Shakespearean motifs in T. Os’machka’s poetry and novellas. The concepts of visionaries, apocalypse, and palingenesis (παλιγγενεσία) have been discussed taking into account Os’machka’s texts. His novella Starshyi boyaryn represents the mythological orientations explicated through the narrative peculiarities and the key idea of apocalypse and its spiritual afterglow. The text seems to be a Ukrainian version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which was translated by Os’machka and published in 1953 together with Henri IV. The author’s texts represent specific historical visionaries and demonstrate an outstanding model of Ukraine as a metaphysical place. The reception of Os’machka’s works as ‘alchemical’ (Yu. Sherekh) has been also spotlighted in the paper.

Słowa kluczowe: Os’machka, Shakespeare, Ukrainian emigration literature, Ukrainian literature process of the 20th century, apocalypse, metaphysical literature, palingenesis, visionaries