Образ Козака Мамая в українському романтизмі

The Image of ‚Cossack Mamai’ in Ukrainian Romanticism

prof. dr hab. Olha Novyk
Berdiański Państwowy Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny (Ukraina)

Typ publikacji: oryginalny artykuł naukowy

Strony: 145-159

Język artykułu: ukraiński

Słowa kluczowe: Poetry, Cossack Mamai, Ukrainian Romanticism


The article is devoted to the painting “Cossack Mamai”, the most popular figure in Ukrainian folk arts of the Romanticism period. In particular, it describes the Cossack’ courage, his image presented as the knight, praised in numerous Ukrainian Baroque panegyrics, his fights against the infidels, and other Cossack attributes, which correlate with verbal and painted images. It is difficult, however, to determine exactly what was first – paintings of “Mamai” of the early 19th century or Romanticist texts, since there was, obviously, a mutual influence. Poetry of Ukrainian Romanticism contains the collective image of nameless Cossack, reconsidered Cossack Mamai, featuring some typical Romanticist characteristics.