Review process

The review policy of the journal ‘Polish-Ukrainian Studies’:

  1. Each manuscript submitted to our journal is reviewed by two independent reviewers – renowned specialists in fields related to the scope of our journal. Due to our journal’s bilinguality one of the reviewers is always affiliated in a foreign academic instutution other then the author’s nationality.
  2. Each text is reviewed on a double-blind peer review basis which guarantees anonymity for both authors and reviewers (the author does not know who reviewers of his/her paper are and vice versa). Prior to handing over the paper for a review the Editorial Board removes any data allowing for individual identification like: first name and surname, affiliation, e-mail address, acknowledgements, sources of financing (where relevant).
  3. Each review is made in a written form. In case of one positive and one negative review, the paper is denied publication. The author of a rejected paper can appeal to the Academic Editorial Board to allow one more review which is decisive. The author’s appelation should be addressed to the Editorial Board and indicate reasons for complementary review.