The Living Saint Poet

Mykola Zhulynskyi, PhD, DSc, ProfTit
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine)

Volume 1/2014

Publication type: research article

Pages: 49-58

Publication language: Ukrainian


The aim of the article by Mykola Zhulinskyy is to analyze the prognostic potential of Taras Shevchenko, who expressed the national spirit in the form of his native language. The author using Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit as well as the works of Hans-Georg Gadamer shows the purpose of Shevchenko’s revival of the Ukrainian word and its special spiritual power he gave to it. The article investigates how the poet created the foundation of the special spiritual unity of the Ukrainians all over the world as well as awakened and created their national identity. It is undeniable that today’s sentiments of the Ukrainian  people are rightly expressed by Taras Shevchenko’s poetry.