The Orgins of Polish Discourse on Shevchenko

Stefan Kozak, PhD, DSc, emeritus ProfTit
University of Warsaw (Poland)

Volume 1/2014

Publication type: research article

Pages: 59-93

Publication language: Ukrainian


The article by Stefan Koz ak entitled The Origins of Polish Discourse on Shevchenko deals with the problem of the struggle for Taras Shevchenko’s legacy in the Polish literary criticism of the first half of the 1860s. L. Sowinski, B. Zaleski, S. Chodakowski, A. Gozalczynski, W Syrokola and G. Battaglia took part in the discourse on the Ukrainian poet’s output. Shevchenko’s works have been translated into Polish and published by Polish critics, among which the most important role was played by Gwidon Battaglia’s monograph entitled Taras Shevchenko, His Live and Works as well as journalistic activity of P. Swiecicki and works on Shevchenko by L. Sowinski.