Yevhen Sverstyuk and Taras Shevchenko: on the Field of Glory

Liudmyla Tarnashynska, PhD, DSc
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine)

Volume 2/2015

Publication type: research article

Pages: 99-125

Publication language: Ukrainian


The article traces the evolution of the interpretation of the concept of Yevhen Sverstyuk in the field of Shevchenko studies. Back in the 1960s, Sverstyuk consistently opposed vulgar criticism of the paradigmatic figure of the poet. He defended the view that Shevchenko produced more on the Bible than on philosophy. Proving inherent religiosity of Shevchenko, Sverstyuk presented his observations in Christian discourse of the Ukrainian people. Taras Shevchenko’s gospel motifs and images the researcher extrapolated to the whole of Shevchenko’s creativity, expanding perspectives of the topic language. In recent years, the literature on Shevchenko with Gogol broadens the perspective including the Ukrainian intelligentsia.

Key words: Shevchenko, Christianity, religion, Bible, tradition, time, ethics, morality